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Your Source for Food Storage Information

Home food storage is your source for everything you need know about preserving and storing food at home.

In the industrialized nations today, food is readily available and it is purchased as it is needed. A food store, or food storage, has been replaced by "the store" (supermarket)! The basic necessities of life are bought with paper money or plastic cards. Many meals are prepared from a box with instructions, and heated in a "microwave" box. A device that was found in less than 1% of US homes in 1971.

Most never dream, or prepare for, the possiblity that this world could suddenly change and disappear for a week, month, or more. This site is dedicated to providing you with all the information neccessary to create and maintain a personal short term (survival), medium term (emergency), and long term food storage.

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Survival Food Storage

We consider a survival food storage to be from a 72 hour emergency food supply, up to a 1 month supply ...read more->

survival food storage

canned peaches

Emergency Food Storage

A good place to start your home food storage system is with a 30 day supply of foods you already eat. Sitting down and coming up with 30 day supply emergency food list is ...read more->

emergency food storage

canned wheat, beans, and rice

Long Term Food Storage

A one year food supply capable of sustaining you and your family of a year or longer. The types of food you'll store for long term food storage is going to be different than the types of food that you've stored for short term. The length of time you want to store it will determine what you buy and how it's packaged ...read more->

long term food storage